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Cap de la Heve

Coastwatcher and Freya radar station near Le Havre

Cap de la Heve site overview

What to see

High on the cliffs to the west of the busy port city of Le Havre you can find the remains of a Kriegsmarine radar station.
This small site - now overlooked by a modern semaphore and lighthouse - featured a large FuMO 5 Boulogne-type Coastwatcher radar system plus a smaller Freya radar.
The Coastwatcher position is the largest of the concrete builds here and supported a 35ft wide array which was used for detection of allied aircraft and ships up to 40km to 50km distance.
The Freya radar was a more modern advancement in German technology and acted a an early-warning system due to it range of around 200km. This was able to spot and warn of long-range attacks on the protected port of Le Havre and the entrance to the River Seine. This small but powerful radar was located on the smaller, two storey building to the rear of the site near to the modern lighthouse and can be visited today.
At the entrance to the site is a partly collapsed personnel shelter which is largely overgrown.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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