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Stp Zollhaus

Extensive bunker complex with lots to explore

Stp Zollhaus site overview

What to see

Access to the large Stp Zollhaus site is via 1km long walk along the beach from town of Hardelot. On arrival you'll discover there's a lot of broken concrete on the beach in four main sections, and an extensive network of bunkers, emplacements, and linking tunnels behind the high dunes.
There's a real mixture of defensive positions here, all centred around a large Vf2a group shelter and R134 ammunition storage bunker, the latter of which is in amazing condition and can be accessed with care if you don't mind crawling. Inside there are two rooms which would have held the ammunition for the many types of weapon installed at Zollhaus.
Near to the ammo bunker is an open emplacement which housed a 7.5cm field cannon which was mounted to give a full range of firing positions, and could be turned to face inland if needed.
A Michelmannstand for a heavy machine gun such as a MG34 and a pair of open emplacements for mortars also form part of the rear defences.
On the beach front there are positions where a 4.7cm Skoda Pak gun would have stood inside a now wrecked casemate and the remains of four Vf2a personnel shelters, some of which have Tobruks or ringstands in front of them. The ringstands would have housed 5cm KwK anti-tank guns.
All four of the personnel shelters are linked to the rear of the site and there are some extensive sections of concrete tunnel still in place. Some of these can be accessed carefully, but it's not advised.
There's also a garage and and long concrete roadway which you can see at the site.

To the north of Stp Zollhaus is a shooting area - only used during the hunting season - but must be avoided. This is also an area where the Gendarmerie patrol as it has been a launch site for migrant boats in recent times and our most recent visit to Zollhaus followed them as they swept the area, working with an incredibly low flying French Navy helicopter - an interesting insight into their work to say the least!


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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