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Wn127 Rethoville Plage

Small outpost site with early defensive structures

Wn127 site overview

What to see

A small Widerstandsnest positioned on a strip of land between the sea and marshland behind, defence of this area was afforded by Wn127's mix of 1694 Ringstands, Tobruks, and a small, early-war style pillbox - a build which looks to be unique in its construction in Normandy.
Even with the 5cm Kwk anti-tank guns in their positions, it's certainly a site which wouldn't have lasted long against an attack from the sea, especially one supported by naval gunfire.
Once linked by a network of now lost trenches, the site today is slowly disappearing due to its exposed position.
The stand-out building here though is a small emplacement for a searchlight and although the ramp which was used to draw the wheeled light up to the roof has been damaged it's still possible to climb up and see how effective an observation post it would have been with clear views along the coast through over 180 degrees.
With several personnel shelters - some of the smallest we've seen - and no more modern bunker developments, this site gives the impression it was almost an outpost that the rest of the sites in the area forgot about.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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