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Musee de Quineville

Quineville, Manche

Location and info

Musee de Quineville, 18 av Plage, 50310 Quineville

Located in the village of Quineville at the northern end of Utah Beach, there's plenty of parking, cafes, and access to the beach here.

Built over and around a series of large German gun bunkers, the WW2 museum at Quineville is one of our favourite locations.
There are hundreds of objects packed into the building, including a reproduction of a French street during the occupation, US vehicles, weapons, personal items, and a 55-seat cinema.
The friendly owner is an outstanding model-maker and there's a whole section dedicated to 1:6 scale dioramas - a unique look a the men and vehicles of WW2 which helps visitors get a different angle on the war. A great bookshop and boutique too.


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