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Memorial Museum of the Battle of Normandy


Location and info

Memorial Museum of the Battle of Normandy, Boulevard Fabian Ware, 14400 Bayeux

Located on the south west side of Bayeux on the D5 ring road surrounding the town. Near to the British Bayeux War Cemetery.

A superb museum and a must-visit for anyone in the Bayeux area - but be aware they have a lunchtime closure policy, along with many business in the town.
Inside you'll find a large collection of items including vehicles and weapons from US, German, and British sources, along with the stories behind them.
Outside there's a display of armoured vehicles including a rare Churchill 'Crocodile' Flamethrower tank, a Sherman Grizzly, M10 tank destroyer, a Hetzer, and a super-rare German SKC 33 two-piece 105mm-calibre anti-aircraft gun.


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