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47 Royal Marine Commando memorial


Location and info

47 Royal Marine Commando memorial, 22 Rue du Phare, 14520 Port-en-Bessin-Huppain

Park in the town and walk west up the steep hill of Rue du Phare and Le Semaphore. The memorial is along a track on the right hand side which golfers use.

"Per Mare Per Terram (By Sea By Land)"

A memorial to the British 47 Royal Marine commandos who liberated Port-en-Bessin on June 6 and 7, 1944 stands at the top of the cliffs to the west of the port.
It stands on top of a German Fire Control Post - part of Widerstandsnest 57 - which gives visitors an incredible view over the fishing port town.
Port-en-Bessin was the site where the PLUTO - PipeLine Under The Ocean - fuel lines from the south coast of England were landed and connected, bringing much-needed fuel to the Allied forces in Normandy.
The town was also one of the locations for filming the Hollywood movie The Longest Day and the port area doubled for the port of Ouistreham.


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