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Stp139 Hamm

Artillery HQ on the high ground overlooking Wissant and Calais

Stp139 Hamm site overview

What to see

The high ground of Mont de Couple between the villages of Audembert and Saint-Inglevert was an important strategic position for occupying German forces during the Second World War offering long-range views over this area to the south west of Calais.
There were three strongpoints built here, all benefitting from its lofty 160m above sea level location.
At the north west point of the mount was Stp139 Hamm, a well defended site which evolved from an observation position in 1940 to the site of an artillery HQ and batterie by 1944.
It features a ring of six Vf3 bunkers, early style concrete constructions which gave 360 degrees of machine gun fire.
These Vf3s are supported by small Vf2a personnel shelters in close proximity with Vf5b neu garage buildings for anti-tank guns positioned in between.
All these bunkers were located around a central core of concrete buildings including more Vf2a shelters and a larger R502 double group shelter which was the main building for the artillery personnel stationed here.
The other two sites were Stp140 Osnabruck which was a Luftwaffe-run radio guidance system position and Wn141 Magdeburg, an anti-aircraft gun site with three open emplacements.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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