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Stp109 Dusseldorf

Extensive cliff top bunker site - a must visit

Stp109 Dusseldorf site overview

What to see

This is one of the most extensive bunker sites in the Deux Caps area and stands on top of Cap Blanc Nez hillside to the north of Escalles.
Its lofty location made it perfect as an observation and radar position, with over twenty-five buildings spread across the area.
Two giant Wurzburg radars were located here along with Freya and Seetakt radar systems capable of searching the sea and sky across the English Channel.
These were supported by three observation bunkers facing out to sea. One of the Wurzburgs and all three observation positions were situated near to the First World War Monument a la Patrouille de Douvres – a tribute to the British and French soldiers of the Dover Patrol - which you can see at the top of the hill from miles around. A fourth observation post can be seen below the monument facing inland.
The other Wurzburg and the Freya are located to the north where you can also find a stand for a searchlight.
All the observation posts have now been closed and access to the cliff edge constructions has been fenced off for safety.
A complex this large needed a lot of troops and these were housed in a range of large personnel bunkers across the site with four R622 types, a R621 group shelter, a R501, small Vf2a shelters, and two Wellblech.
There’s a large car park just off the D940 road that you can use for exploring the site and don’t forget to look out for more personnel shelters and rear defensive Tobruks and an R630 machine gun casemate protecting the site as you park up.


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