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Stp Simon

Luftwaffe HQ and command bunker site

Stp Simon site overview

What to see

Hidden in a wood near the village of Steene to the south of Dunkirk, Stp Simon may be a small site, but the three bunkers located here are rare and unusual examples of Atlantikwall constructions.
The highlight is the 117a type battalion HQ bunker, a massive concrete construction with 15 rooms, which was originally occupied by the 304th Infantry Division in summer 1942 and transferred to the 18th Luftwaffe Feld Division in early 1943.
The other large bunker at the site is the 119 commanders’ bunker, another multiroom building.
Perhaps the most unusual bunker is the special construction toilet building which still features its original facilities with six toilets and two urinals. It’s one of the most heavily fortified toilet blocks we’ve ever seen!
Stp Simon is on private land but can be accessed with permission from the owner.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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