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Stp Luise

Small strongpoint protecting Grand-Fort-Philippe and river

Stp Luise site overview

What to see

Located on the outskirts of Grand-Fort-Philippe on the western side of Dunkirk in the Nord region, this small site packed plenty of firepower for protecting the estuary of the river Aa and the small port of Gravelines.
That protection came from two anti-tank guns and a light field howitzer. The largest gun was a 7.5cm cannon one positioned in a nicely camouflaged R612 casemate which stands at the eastern end of the site. The field surrounding this casemate is heavily overgrown so access can be tricky.
Towards the western end of the position there’s an open emplacement for the 3.7cm anti-tank gun which was stored in a special garage for its own protection and was pulled up a ramp to its firing position when needed.
The LAG gun casemate at the eastern side of Stp Luise is in the best condition of all the buildings here and was created for a light field cannon.
Three Vf2a shelters for personnel and a R134 ammunition bunker link the casemates together while there’s also a defensive Tobruk and the remains of a well.
In the last few years, the bunkers have been heavily used by migrants as accommodation and there is a lot of waste inside the open buildings so be careful if venturing inside.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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