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Stp Adolf

Extensive bunker site and anti-tank wall in Bray Dunes

Stp Adolf site overview

What to see

Stp Adolf is the most easterly German-built strongpoint on the northern French coast and is just 1.3km from the Belgian border. Other sites to the east of this one were originally French strongpoints which were taken over by the occupying forces in 1940.
Located in Bray Dunes, this bunker site is one of the most extensive in the area and features a mix of defensive positions and personnel shelters.
Although now broken along its length and partially buried by shifting dune sands, the largest structure here is a 400m-plus section of anti-tank wall running north east along the line of the beach.
On the beachfront you can find an early bunker type, a R219 Doppelschartenstand where an anti-tank gun could be swivelled to fire east and west along the beach while still being protected by a sea-facing concrete wall and flanking walls.
At the edge of the dunes next to the wide sandy beach you can find two observation buildings in close proximity, one a Vf6b observation post and the other a much larger R637 measuring post for a coastal gun batterie.
At the heart of the site are several personnel buildings - a R501, a R502 double group shelter, a ruined Wellblech, and a heavy-duty toilet bunker. These are surrounded by the most numerous builds at Stp Adolf – a mixture of different types of mortar positions including ringstand and open emplacement styles of construction. There are at least six builds for this type of weapon here.
At either end of the site are ringstands for 5cm KwK anti-tank guns.


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