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Batterie Oldenburg

Massive special construction bunkers for captured Russian guns

Batterie Oldenburg site overview

What to see

Situated just to the east of the port town of Calais is one of the largest German gun batteries on the French coast.
Known as MKB Oldenburg, this site was designed to protect the busy port from Allied attack and features two massive, special construction buildings - sprawling concrete giants built to house captured Russian naval guns of 240mm housed in the central position.
Each side of the gun room are two storey, adjoining structures with one floor for personnel and the other for ammunition storage.
To the rear of the westerly bunkers is a machinery bunker and workspace which can be accessed via an underground tunnel inside the main bunker.
You can also see the large observation position which formed the heart of this Kriegsmarine controlled site. The Obs building was constructed over two levels and featured a hospital on the lower level.
Access to the hospital building is via a small hole in the wall which was originally blocking up the original entrance and inside you can visit many of the rooms, although they are not in the best of conditions. You’ll also need a decent torch if you do plan to go inside.
This sprawling site also features defensive R612 casemate for a 7.5cm gun, a R629 anti-tank gun garage bunker, several personnel shelters, and machine gun positions.


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